A Brief Farewell

Just a quick note to say (in case you hadn’t already figured it out) that I probably won’t be updating this blog any more.  It’s turning out easier to just post my random gardening photos to facebook, so feel free to “friend” me there if you haven’t already.  I’ll still be updating my vegan cooking blog, Bite me (I’m vegan).  Meanwhile, I’m letting the garden rest for the winter and just growing a single bed of kale/spinach/peas, while I focus on growing my baby instead…a whole new adventure.


New Fence


We had a new side fence installed while I was at work today; the builders did a great job, and worked super-fast, so I left this morning to a falling-down old fence and came home to this.  This was Justin’s and my first time hiring out our manual labor, and I have to say it was worth it.

The garden is still growing like mad.  All the baby kales I planted in the winter flourished under their cold frame, and I have to eat kale every day just to keep up with it.  The cucumbers and peppers are blossoming, and I’ll plant out the last of the basil seedlings tomorrow.  The artichokes are so tall I think they’re taunting me; I had to get out the step ladder to harvest some yesterday.  

One of the avocados is growing like it’s on a mission, and two of them are starting to blossom.  


The kiwi vines I planted last fall are also starting to take off after kind of a rough start:


It looks like I’m in for a (literally) fruitful summer.  

Hoop House

My early-spring veggies got a very late start this year, but I finally got them in the ground yesterday.  Justin and I also built a miniature hoop house out of pvc pipes to protect the tender seedlings from marauding cats.

And speaking of cats, I had a perfect evening last night, enjoying a glass of wine and a Kindle book while lounging at the bottom of a cat pile.

New Year’s Planting

Winter still hasn’t arrived this year, so I’m not expecting much from my fruit trees next summer, with virtually no chill hours.  So I decided I should pay a little more attention to my vegetable garden again to keep my land from going to waste.  I got the fluorescent lights set up in the kitchen and started a slew of seeds for a late-January planting:

  • Winter Density, Buttercrunch, Matina Sweet, Simpson, Emerald Oak, Ithaca, and Red Iceberg lettuce
  • Russian Red and Dwarf Blue kale
  • Ruby Red Swiss chard
  • Early Wonder and Perfected Detroit beets
  • Copenhagen Market cabbage
  • assorted broccolis
  • chives
  • Red Robin and Green Feast scallions

I also planted four dozen strawberry crowns around my kiwi and avocado plants, a dozen each of Albion, Chandler, Seascape, and Sequoia.  It’s probably too hot here for them to really thrive, but I figure with so many of them I’m bound to at least get some fruit.

I’d typically have finished my seed shopping by this late in the year, but I’ve been saving that task to keep me busy after I have my surgery next month.  I’m considering devoting an entire bed to basil plants.


A quiet Thanksgiving at home:

Elliott is thankful for books and blankets, and so am I.

Winding down

The garden is winding down for fall. I’ve pulled up most of my zucchini plants (except for a few scallop squash that are showing no signs of tiring) and all my tomatoes, am letting the last of my pole beans dry out, and will soon be harvesting the seeds from my rangy basil plants. I won’t be growing much this winter, just a single bed of kale, some chard, and a few rows of beets.
My new kiwi trellis is finished (thanks to Justin) and my kiwis are planted. I’ll be running irrigation lines for them today.
I built a low brick wall along the side of our front yard, where I think I’ve finally eradicated most of the ivy (probably wishful thinking), and planted a row of mock orange to make a privacy hedge.

Near the front door I used more bricks to make a little raised bed around my rosemary, flax, and artichoke plants.

Yesterday I harvested my first feijoa crop (if you can call 7 fruits a crop) but haven’t really figured out what to do with them yet; the texture is a bit mushy eaten plain, so I might just put them in smoothies.

Lost month

I feel like the past month got away from me somehow. I’ve been stressed out with the start of the school year, some major computer problems that sucked up way too much of my time, and still-undiagnosed and increasingly debilitating leg pain. Blah. However, there’s some new fun on the horizon: I’m getting kiwi vines this week to trellis along my back fence, which will complete my little orchard (okay, who am I kidding, but at least they’ll make me feel extravagant.) This week I’ll also finish my fall planting, which will be minimal, mostly just beets, kale, and lettuces, but planting always makes me feel optimistic (as does gardening in general, since no matter how much I neglect my garden something still seems to grow).